Mission, Reason for Being and Vision

Vision Statement

The vision of Message In The Music is the establishment of a Cultural Artist Institute within Ward 7 and Ward 8 of Washington DC, that offers multiple vocation development training, while students pursue and develop their art forms and talents.

Our vision is also to spark a cultural arts/hip-hop movement where conscious and positive artist materials are widely supported by the masses of black people to support unification and solidarity of the black nation.

To institute a comprehensive community development programs and events that can eradicate the ignorance that’s responsible for the poverty, crime and health decay within the housing complexes of the Black community.

Mission Statement

Message In The Music is a community development organization wrapped in the cover of music. Our aim is to use music and the performing arts to raise awareness around social issues that impact our community and to recruit, teach and train youth how to be positive change agents in the community to effectively address social issues.

Our Mission is also to help make conscious and positive hip-hop “hot” and attractive again as a community development tool.  This mission element is to be achieved via the Message In The Music “Join the Movement” campaign which is a tri-city-wide promotion.

Reason for Being Statement

The aim and purpose of Message In The Music is the liberation of black folks from the bondage of themselves and the bondage that slavery and white supremacy has placed us in.  We seek to accomplish this aim through youth development programs, community development workshops, events and by leveraging the performance arts to address & formulate solutions for the social issues in our community.

Organization Values

Message In The Music’s approach to management is based on its guiding principles of Partnership, Professionalism and Teamwork.

Partnership Our concept of partnership is rooted in the idea of unity, where goals are shared and not isolated. This is achieved by cultivating strong relationships governed by integrity, honesty, and cooperation

Professionalism Professionalism is the light that illuminates our guiding principles. Message In The Music’s perspective of professionalism encapsulates excellence, efficiency, and a polished final product that exceeds our partners’ expectations.

Teamwork Message In The Music’s commitment and dedication to excellence motivates us to strive to achieve a seamless connection between ourselves and the client, where responsibilities are shared and efforts to achieve desired results are organized. This approach to teamwork has been tested and proven to be a perfect solution to converting challenges into opportunities and visions into reality.