The Founder

Edward Tate is a native Washingtonian born and raised in Southeast D.C. As a community leader Mr. Tate has acquired over 30 years of community development and engagement experience working with challenged and disadvantaged youth and adults. Mr. Tate has a deep love and compassion for suffering humanity especially those residing in Ward 7 and Ward 8 of Washington, DC, whose social ills statistics lead the nation in most categories.

Edward Tate is a product of the D.C. Public School System where he attended Turner Elementary School, Johnson Jr. High School and graduated from Chamberlain Vocational High School in 1982. While attending Chamberlain, he obtained the following honors: Sophomore and Senior Class President, Best Dressed, Most Likely to Succeed and First Black President awards. Edward maintained the honor roll status until graduation, where he received a scholarship to attend Strayer College for Court & Conference Reporting.

He furthered his academic career at Strayer College for 2 years followed by Computer Learning Center where he graduated in 1999 with a 4.0 GPA and MCSE Certification. Edward is currently a Senior Network Engineer/Project Manager. Edward recently obtained his CCIE Written Certification and is currently studying for his CCIE Lab & Cloud Certificatios.

Edward Tate founded, lead and operated an event and information management company for over 10 years. He has organized events for associations, churches, mosques, and special interests groups for over 20 years. He has severed on numerous program and planning communities for various associations and have consulted and collaborated with various DMV based organizations for organizing community-wide events.

Edward recently served as the Interim Executive Director for the African American Music Association. Mr. Tate revitalized the programs and restructured the organization’s outreach components to engage youth for positive change using music.

Mr. Tate is a kind, spiritual focused and principle driven individual. Character and integrity are the hallmark of all his personal and business relationships. Mr. Tate believes that Love, Wisdom, Discipline & Organization are qualities that cannot be compromised in building anything of substance. These are the very principles that Message In the Music has been formed.

In summary, as his moms states in a recent interview about her son, “He is a very good guy. He is very quiet and to himself. He loves to read and stay in the word. He likes quietness and meditating in the park. He loves his children and is always communicating with them. He loves to give people words of encouragement. He is a great person and is well-known. He likes to network with strong black men seeing what they can do to improve the community. I really have no negative thing to say about him. He is the type of person that will build you up when you are down, and we need that from one another”.

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