Artist Recruitment

Artist: join the movement

Attention: Conscious Artists Everywhere!

We are seeking artists who are willing to use their “God-given” talents to promote unity, love & healing & to raise awareness about social issues destroying our youth and community.
Our community is in crisis and our future as a people is under attack. The attack is through the abuse and use of negative images and lyrical content contained in the music produced by forces outside our community.

The images and lyrical content is dumbing us down and causing us to hate, disrespect and kill one another…Through Music!!!

Please Join The Movement To Help Save Our Future!

We are recruiting!

Youth, Teens & Adults To Perform On Our Upcoming Showcases

This community and family-oriented event is truly a ministry of music and the arts. This is a great event to bring your wife, husband, double-date, entire family and friends, as the time is now for us to heal and unite as a “community-family”.


  • Conscious Hip-Hop
  • Spoken Word Artists
  • Poets
  • Unique Solo Acts
  • Gospel
  • R&B


  • Black on Black Crime
  • Unity
  • Police Brutality
  • Domestic Violence
  • Love

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