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  • Free promotions of Artist materials and products on MITM Store and Social Media
  • Performance on the Message In the Music Members Only Unplugged Series
  • Message In the Music News Letter
  • Qualify to Perform on MITM Upcoming Showcases and Talent Shows
  • Qualify to received Cash Prizes and Trophies for Talent Showcases

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  • Qualify to Keynote at all of our MITM Showcases and Events in different states
  • Free Tickets to MITM Showcases
  • Message In the Music Newsletter
  • Qualify for Honorarium as a Speaker

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  • Qualify for promotions of your Business on MITM Website,Social Media & Events
  • Free Tickets to MITM Showcases
  • Message In The Music Newsletter
  • Qualify to Place AD in MITM Black Business Journal

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  • Qualify to vend at our MITM Showcases and Events
  • Receive Vendor Fee Discounts & Free Vending From ( MITM Vendor Lottery
  • Message In The Music Newsletter

Professional/Individual Benefits: Bands, Go-go Bands, DJs, Producers, Song Writers, A&Rs, Record Labels, Individual

  • Newsletter
  • MITM Discounts
  • Raffles and Prizes 

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