Message In The Music Studios Programs

The Message in the Music Recording Studios is proud to welcome all artists to a clean, safe and conscious environment wherein you are free to record the expressions of your creativity within the guidelines of self-respect and respect for others.

We are in the business of recording music with positive messages about women and messages promoting behavior that is constructive for the advancement of our community. We do not record music that encourages violence, the use of the “N” word, the killing of others, and the use of foul and vulgar language.

Community Projects:
Come to the Message In the Music Recording Studios to record:

• Radio PSAs
• Voice Overs
• Ads for Promotional Campaigns

We are happy to work within your budget to record all your audio projects. We are a community friendly organization.

Engineering Workshops
The Message in the Music Recording Studio hosts a monthly workshop for novice engineers. Learn how to build a home studio on a minimal budget and take advantage of the expert advice offered by our staff of instructors. If you have aspirations to master pro-tool, logic and other software programs, hang-out with us for a Q&A session at the end of each workshop.

How To Get Involved


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