Clergy Corner

Dear Spiritual & Community Leaders:

Less than ten years ago African Americans constituted 2.3 million, or 34%, of the total 6.8 million correctional population. Nationwide, African American children represent 32% of children who are arrested, 42% of children who are detained, and 52% of children whose cases are judicially waived to criminal court.

Our Community is dying due to the increase of social ills in all categories within the black community. Gun violence at an all-time high, health issues running rampant, babies consuming synthetic weed and the murder rate constantly increasing yet, there is a church or mosque in almost every neighborhood and on almost every corner in the black community. Our historical social & spiritual solutions have proven to be inadequate to solve the current crisis our community suffer. We must create innovative ways and means to attract God’s people for healing and salvation.

As a result, we are calling all Community Leaders & Clergy of all Faiths to support the Message in the Music campaign. Your participation will help to facilitate the healing and delivery our youth and community need.

We are seeking Senior and Youth Pastors and leaders to participate in the Message In The Music Platform. We must create a genuine unity between the community and spiritual leaders, coupled with the cultural arts and business community to forge one organ of truth to light the way to our unity, justice and liberation!

We are seeking the rich and raw talent in our congregations & neighborhoods yearning to express their God-given talent to heal, unite and uplift our community. Feel free to contact us anytime to learn how Message In The Music can assist with your church or organization’s outreach programs and efforts.

To get involved, please complete the registration form HERE

Thank you.
Peace & Love,
Edward Tate
President & Founder

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