The Movement

We are seeking to unite the entire conscious artist community in the DMV first then all over the nation. We are inviting all artists, spoken word poets, comedians, singers, dancers and community and spiritual leaders to join the MITM movement to use their God-given talent and gift towards the uplifting our community.

Hip-hop (specifically) is a very creative art form that was born in the inner cities of America. It is a genre of music and expression that was not openly welcome by the music industry and many did not want to see it become widely accepted as a legitimate and global art form. Original hip-hop truly represents the aspirations of our community and speaks heavily to our unity and strongly against self-destructive forces in our community.

The commercial hip hop industry developed a strategy that if we cannot beat them join them. They joined themselves on to the hip hop culture and has taken the original hip hop art form and its message hostage; perverted it, and has given it back to our youth as a self-destructive tool aimed at our youth and our women.

Message in the Music is a community wide effort to counter the attack against our youth, our women, and our future by promoting positive messages in music focused on healing, unity, safety and the development of our communities.

Contact us if you are interested in using your God-given talent to support the unity and safety of our communities.

How To Get Involved


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