Apacolips’s community interest is along the lines of helping to rebuild the wasted cities. He is the owner of Paradise Desserts, LLC in Chicago Illinois. His desire is to create jobs for young men and women in the inner-cities across America.
He is also the Author of “Walking The Road To Recovery, 9 Steps In Motion. This book document the steps he was able to take to defeat drug addiction. The desire with this effort is to reach the heart, mind and soul of as many people as possible, to free them from drug abuse. His music is representative of the above said.

Community Initiative

  • We service the community daily with our skill of homemade gourmet baking, good energy and great customer service.
  • We also have a daily podcast “From The Desk Of Apacolips” for daily morning inspiration.

Social Issues

  • Drug Addiction
  • Black on black crime
  • Unemployment

Favorite Artist

  • Chuck D
  • Marcus Miller

Collaborations & Engagements

  • Message in the Music
  • The NOI Hip Hop Network (DJ Rockwell Radio Show)
  • Arizona Ministry of Arts and Culture




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