What is Racism?

Racism – a prevalent social cancer

Racism is rooted in the idea of European ideology of White Supremacy.  Racism is a belief exuding confidence that a race is higher or superior than another on the basis of their inborn characteristics primarily focused on color and social status. Racism can take so many forms, from the harmless to the most dangerous means. It can happen in any place and in various parts of the world. Racism is synonymous to discrimination by promoting advantages to one race against the other without merit.

Racism ranges from nonviolent behaviors to dangerous acts of harassment. It can start as a simple name-calling or joking and it can eventually develop into violence. This can actually be very evident in a person’s attitude and actions and this does not involve only one person but even an entire group or community.

Racism is not easily seen. It can be embedded within an institution, neglecting job applicants, rejecting candidates, and even worse than that, cutting off people from employment, education and social justice. On a deeper note, racism is more than just words, actions and attitude. It is actually ingrained in the society in the form of written and unwritten laws and perpetuate it throughout the institution established by Europeans. It is a demon-like historical barrier that takes away a person’s dignity, happiness and freedom depriving the society of equality.

Racism in the United States

Racism has been prevalent throughout the history of European domination of the darker nations of the planet. In the United States and Africa, it has existed since the colonial era. The colonial era is the time from the European colonization (16th century) until the incorporation of colonies. During the time of colonial rule, the white Americans defined Black people as 3/5 of a human being in their constitution. The Blacks were deprived of their human rights while the Whites continue to beat, murder and lynch the Blacks under their domination and control.  There has been an exclusivity afforded to Whites in matters of voting, education, citizenship and even acquisition of properties.  African Americans have suffered the torture and terrorism of white racism in the United States and these include slavery, genocide and community and family destruction.

It is the belief of Message In The Music that George Floyd’s death represents the breaking of the back of racism and white supremacy all over the nation and this world. Now is the time for all positive and conscious artists to use their God-given talents to raise awareness regarding racism, white supremacy and injustice wherever it’s found.